Queens Contest

Candidates for Austin County Fair Queen will be asked to attend our orientation meeting listed below.  We are requesting all candidates bring their application and signed consent form to the meeting in order to receive their packet.  A candidate must be 15 years of age, single, a resident of Austin County or enrolled as a student in a school district in Austin County.  She must be of good conduct, not on probation or scholastic probation.  

Sponsorship fee for a candidate is $125.00.  Any business, organization or individual may sponsor a candidate.  

An orientation meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 16st at 6 p.m. at the Austin County Fair Office.  Candidates may begin selling tickets after the meeting; no pre-sale of Passports to Fun or season tickets are allowed!  Candidates are required to sell at least $1,500.00 worth of admission tickets.

The Austin County Fair Queen and Ticket Queen will each receive a scholarship of $2,000.00 upon entering college or a career school.  Fair Queen Runner-Up and Ticket Queen Runner-Up will each receive a $1,500.00 scholarship.  In addition, Orientation Meeting will be July 17th at 6:00 p.m.  and they are required to sell $2,500 worth of tickets to participate and in order to get the $50 gift.

The Austin County Fair Queen is an official representative of the Fair, and shall act as hostess at all fair functions.  She is also designated as a representative of Austin County to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. 

The Fair Queen Pageant will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 10, 2019 in the Austin County Fair Convention and Expo Center.

Past Fair Queens

2018 Gabby Eskew

2017 Aunnika Wittner
2016 Paige Schultz
2015 Marlee Chandler
​2014 Bailey Blezinger
2013 Gloria Whitmore
2012 Samantha Voigt
2011 Sheyanne Bustos
2010 Mary Marek
2009 Courtney Venghaus
2008 Bethany Arndt
2007 Samantha Payton
2006 Meghan Wood
2005 Michelle Hajdik
2004 Hannah Oldag
2003 Meagan Michalke
2002 Wendy Via
2001 Emily Butts
2000 Megan Herzog
1999 Lauren Hagen
1998 Amanda Lange
1997 Catherine Castillo (Mikeska)
1996 Cara Turner
1995 Kortney Thibodeaux (Novinske)
1994 Lindsey Wehring (Hudson)
1993 Sarah Blume
1992 Lanessa Bales
1991 Michelle Marshall
1990 Kim Kenjura
1989 Melissa Klekar (Shinn)
1988 Mindy McCluskey
1987 Susie Fick
1986 Gina Nichols
1985 Shawn Demny
1984 Deborah Stolarski
1983 Julie Reyes
1982 Jana Arthur
1981 Deanna Zaruba
1980 Jane Demny
1979 Helen Chickering
1978 Cindy Tuttle
1977 Mollie Murphey (Arndt)
1976 Alisa Stephens (Taylor)
1975 Nancy Jankowski
1974 Marlyn Weiss
1973 Patti Pfeffer
1972 Rita Volkman
1971 Donna Pilcik (Rolater)
1970 Ronda Sens (Landers)
1969 Connie Hein
1968 Brenda Tesch
1967 Judith Holdt
1966 Janet Volkman
1965 Kay Allen
1959 Penny Gosler
1958 Lane Kucera (Gossler)
1927 Gladys Engelking